Iran imposes sanctions on Trump, Pompeo, and Bolton

A total of 10 US officials were blacklisted. The Iranian authorities have added several high-ranking representatives of the US administration

Bolton called Trump the worst president in US history

Simultaneously, the former assistant to the American leader does not consider the impeachment against Trump to be correct. The former

The US Department of Justice warned against illegal actions on the day of the inauguration

According to Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, as part of the investigation of the riots at the Capitol on January 6,

One of the writers of the TV series The Simpsons, David Richardson, died

He was 65 years old. American screenwriter and producer, who worked on the animated series The Simpsons, David Richardson died

The far-right radicals would like to get to the inauguration Biden

Far-right radicals discussed the possibility of infiltrating the inauguration of US President-elect Joe Biden, pretending to be soldiers of the

Biden will begin reforming the migration sphere on January 20

In particular, it is planned to introduce an eight-year period for obtaining citizenship for migrants without legal status, as well

Alleged thief of Pelosi’s laptop placed in custody

Currently, Riley June Williams is accused of trespassing on the territory of the Congress building on January 6 and violating

The European Commission will present a plan to protect EU companies from third-country sanctions

The proposals are aimed at strengthening the euro and reducing the vulnerability of the community in the face of possible

Trump ordered to transfer Israel to the area of responsibility of the Central Command

Thus, the main Middle East command will pursue a military policy towards both Israel and Arab countries. President Donald Trump