More than 463 thousand cases of coronavirus infection registered in the world per day

The number of deaths increased by more than 7.7 thousand. The number of confirmed infection cases with the new coronavirus

Biden presented candidates for key positions in the field of diplomacy and security

Antony Blinken is scheduled to be appointed Secretary of State, and former Secretary of State John Kerry will become a

The UK will short quarantine period for visitors who test negative for COVID-19

Authorities in several European countries are concerned about the risk of the virus spreading over the Christmas holidays. The UK

The US has imposed sanctions against three Russian companies

Sanctions imposed for violating the law on the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction against Iran, Syria, and North Korea.

The destroyer “John McCain” conducted an operation to ensure free navigation

Earlier, Russia said that a US warship entered its territorial waters. On November 24, the USS “John McCain” used the

Poland will wait to recognize Biden as the next US President

Warsaw intends to wait for developments in the United States. Poland will wait to develop the United States’ political and

General Motors withdraws from Trump’s lawsuit against California

The company agreed with Biden’s plan to expand the use of electric vehicles. General Motors said it would no longer

US stock markets show growth

Investors were encouraged by news about the vaccine and the official start of the transition process. US stock index futures

US air regulator to conduct the environmental assessment at SpaceX test site in Texas

The company plans to apply for licenses for suborbital and orbital launches of its Starship spacecraft. The US Federal aviation