New method breaks down microplastics right at the source of pollution

A team of researchers from the National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS) has developed an electrolytic wastewater treatment process that

A quantum pulse generator made from a diamond crystal

Australian physicists have created a diamond laser device that generates guaranteed random keys. In order to link and encode information

Scientists have learned to use sunlight to purify water

Scientists have developed a model of the structure of compounds with photocatalytic properties: so the energy of sunlight can be

Mathematical model showed how dangerous bacteria form colonies

A new mathematical model showed how gonorrhea-causing bacteria, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, form colonies. The study is published in Physical Review Letters.

Smallest biosensor for highly sensitive molecular detection created

The Belgian company Imec, a center for research and innovation in nanoelectronics and digital technologies, has unveiled the smallest silicon

South African strain of coronavirus is 50% more infectious

The new variant of the coronavirus, first identified in South Africa, is more contagious than earlier versions, but there is

Scientists discover metallic liquid alloys with zebra or leopard patterns

Liquid alloys can solidify with patterns like zebras or leopards. This structure opens up new opportunities in metallurgy. The study

Magnetic “hedgehogs” carry information over long distances

In a three-dimensional magnetic insulator, delimited magnetic “hedgehogs” and “anti-hedgehogs” move in the opposite direction, resulting in a pure “hedgehog”

Scientists have discovered three new species of carnivorous predatory sponges in the depths of the ...

The researchers announced the discovery of three new species of carnivorous and carnivorous sponges – Nullarbora heptaxia, Abyssocladia oxyasters and