Vital elements were discovered under the ice of the Earth, which are destroyed by melting

Researchers studying the subglacial waters in Antarctica and Greenland have found that they have higher concentrations of important life-supporting elements

Scientists have found out who, besides lizards, is able to grow body parts

Even though alligators and lizards are very different in size, scientists have found an interesting similarity. It turned out that

Twitter will alert users to misinformation in posts

Twitter will fight disinformation in a new way: if a user wants to like questionable content, a warning will appear

New ultra-fast camera for hunting exoplanets developed

An international team of scientists and engineers has developed a new camera for hunting exoplanets. For the past 15 years,

The world’s smallest atomic memory unit created

Engineers at the University of Texas at Austin have created the smallest media under one-nanometer square. In 2018, researchers created

The system predicts the actions of people so that robots do not harm them

A system has been developed that monitors the environment and predicts people’s future actions so that robots do not collide

New sensor detects saliva flight range when sneezing

A soft sensor has been created that reads the dynamics of the flight of fluids during sneezing or exhalation. Existing

The alleged kingdom of the disappeared Hittites is found

Scientists from the USA and Great Britain have discovered the mysterious city of Tarhuntassa, mentioned in the documents of the

New technology for bioprinting mini-buds

Scientists from Australia have presented a method for printing miniature buds. In structure, they resemble ordinary organs. It is possible