The US imposed a ban on entering the country from Brazil two days earlier than planned

Brazil is second only to the United States in the number of confirmed cases of infection. On Tuesday, a ban

Former US Treasury Secretary spoke about the threat to the dollar

The main danger for the international status of the US currency is the situation inside the US. As former Finance

WHO suspends trials of hydroxychloroquine for treatment of coronavirus

President Trump has repeatedly stated that an antimalarial drug helps fight the virus. The decision was made after the publication

China plans to send a robot to Mars in July

The mission to Mars is one of several major space projects in China. China intends to launch a mission to

Head of EU diplomacy: the center of global power is shifting from West to East

Josep Borrel believes that in these circumstances, the EU should pursue its interests and not become an instrument of one

In Ukraine, a case was opened because of the wiretapping of Poroshenko’s conversation with ...

The state Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine filed a case for a wiretap of ex-President of Petro Poroshenko with ex-Vice

The Director of “Ghostbusters” explained the failure of the film by elections

The Director of the science fiction film “Ghostbusters” Paul Feig, found a new reason for failure. According to him, as

Can new sanctions to stop the “Nord stream – 2”?

A Russian pipe-laying vessel has reached the construction site of “Nord stream- 2.” Poland’s last hope is new us sanctions,

The fleet of microscopic ships can search for the ninth planet as an initial black hole

There are eight planets in our solar system. There are also numerous dwarf planets such as Pluto and Ceres. Although