Australia will start paying for the use of electric cars

The Australian government will pay the owners of electric vehicles – each of them will be able to earn about a thousand dollars a year. Instead, electric cars will be used as a battery for cities during power outages.

The Australian government approved a new project – it obliges to pay money to owners of electric vehicles that are charged from the national power grid. In exchange, vehicles will allow the operator to work at full capacity, which will reduce the risk of producing “excess” electricity. In addition, the project will allow the use of electric vehicles as a battery for cities in case of emergency. Officials note that such interruptions are eliminated within 15 minutes and they will not take energy from cars with a charge of less than 5%.

The project will begin to be tested on vehicles used by government officials. However, in the future, benefits will be expanded for all Australians, since almost half of the new vehicles that they buy in this country are electric cars.

Officials say that by the end of 2023, they will pay benefits to all 19 million owners of electric vehicles. According to their calculations, if each of them will use the charge of the national power grid, then they will consume an additional about 60 terawatt-hours of energy per year. This is about 35% of Australia’s annual electricity consumption.

Researchers have also calculated how much energy electric cars will consume if charged at the same time. According to their data, even such a stir is not able to block the proposal of the national power grid. They will add only 25% to their load. The advent of fast and ultrafast chargers along the highway and in parking lots will increase this figure.

The government expects the active use of the electric car could bring about a thousand dollars a year. This is almost three times more than the cost of electricity for the Nissan LEAF for the whole year.

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