Australia launches first commercial device into space

Australian authorities have announced that private company Southern Launch has launched the first commercial device into space. They called the event “the first step towards becoming a space power.”

Australia launched the first commercial rocket – according to Southern Launch, the launch is designed for 85 km. The launch took place from the Kunibba test site on the west coast of South Australia. This was the second attempt to launch a 34 kg rocket with a length of 3.4 m.

Now engineers are conducting recovery work and are trying to locate the missiles and payload that fell to Earth.

“Today, we Australians have achieved something incredible because Australia has taken its first small step towards becoming a proud space nation again,” said the chief executive of Southern Launch.

DEWC previously teamed up with Southern Launch to test satellite launch processes. These devices can detect potentially dangerous “radar signals from enemy forces”. The payload is designed to collect information from embedded sensors on its way back to Earth to help DEWC develop satellite technology.

The Chinese launch vehicle Changzheng-11 has launched nine high-resolution Earth remote sensing satellites into low-Earth orbit. This is one of the few launches that took place from a platform in the ocean.