Australia builds world’s largest 300 megawatt battery

The Australian state of Victoria is about to build the world’s largest 300 MW battery.

The author of the idea is the American manufacturer of electric vehicles Tesla. The battery is needed to accelerate the transition to renewable energy while stabilizing the grid.

The construction will be carried out by the French company Neoen. The Victorian Big Battery Megapack is expected to be twice as powerful as the previously built system. The project is planned to be commissioned in November 2021.

With aging Australian coal-fired power plants becoming less reliable, the Australian state of Victoria relies more on wind and solar power. The authorities plan to switch to 40% renewable energy by 2025, and almost 90% by 2035.

The state where the battery will be built has a suitable location as it has connections to power plants on the south coast, as well as large solar installations in the north and power lines. In this way, smart software will decide in real-time which industry is currently requiring how much energy.

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