Attorney General Barr is considering resigning

Earlier, he said that because of the President’s tweets about the Justice Ministry, he can’t do his job.

US Attorney General William Barr has told people around him that he is considering leaving his post because President Donald Trump did not heed his request to stop posting tweets relating to cases being handled by the Justice Department.

An administration official told the Associated Press.

This was announced a few days after Barr publicly criticized the President, saying in a television interview that Trump’s tweets about cases and employees of the Justice Department make it “impossible” for him to do his job.

The next day, Trump ignored Barr’s request, saying he had a “legal right” to interfere in criminal cases, ignoring the Justice Department’s traditional independence.

The mentioned administration employee demanded anonymity.

It’s not clear how seriously Barr is considering resigning, or whether he will instead try to persuade Trump to drop his tweets about the justice Department.

A spokeswoman for Barr said on Tuesday evening that the Attorney General “has no plans to resign.”

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