Atlas 5 launch vehicle with secret Shuttle launched in the US

The Atlas 5 launch vehicle launched in Florida with an experimental military mini-shuttle X-37B, the United Launch Alliance Company, is live streaming the launch.

The launch vehicle was launched from the Cape Canaveral spaceport at 9.14 on the East coast of the United States.

As previously reported in the US air force, the current sixth flight is the first flight of the X-37B using a service module with equipment for experiments. Therefore, during the test flight on Board the X-37B, a large number of operations will take place, including two for the benefit of NASA: to study the influence of radiation and other factors of space flight on materials and seeds.

According to available information, during the X-37B mission, it is also planned to launch a small satellite FalconSat-8 with five experimental payloads of the US air force Academy, as well as to experiment to convert solar energy into radio frequency microwave energy for transmission to Earth.

The X-37B Shuttle was developed by the American company Boeing. Since 2010, there have been five mini-Shuttle space flights lasting from 225 to 780 days to perform experiments in orbit for the benefit of the US air force. Their details are classified. From the last trip, the mini-Shuttle returned in October 2019, putting three satellites of unknown purpose into orbit.

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