At the US-Mexico border in February, 100 thousand migrants were detained

This is the highest figure since 2006.

In February 2021, almost a hundred thousand people were detained at the US land border with Mexico. This was reported by the Reuters news agency, citing a source in the US Border and Customs Service.

We are talking about a significant increase compared to January 2021, when agents of the US Border and Customs Service detained about 78 thousand people who tried to cross the border without permits. The February data is the highest for this month since 2006.

Official figures on the number of people who crossed the border in February have not yet been released. However, from the published data, it follows that only on Wednesday, March 3, 4.5 thousand people tried to cross the US border illegally. There is also a growing number of children arriving at the US border without parents or legal guardians.

The border drew sharp criticism from the Republican Party, which condemned President Joe Biden for rejecting Donald Trump’s tough immigration policy.

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy sent Biden a letter on Friday requesting a meeting to discuss the issue, saying he was “very concerned” about the Biden administration’s approach to the border situation.

The White House, in turn, declares the need for reform of the immigration system. Earlier, the Biden administration announced a list of measures aimed at legalizing about 11 million migrants who have already entered the United States, reuniting families, and also called for combating illegal immigration by eliminating its causes.

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