At the third attempt: Joe Biden will become the oldest US president

Democrat, former vice president, member of Congress with 36 years of experience Joe Biden becomes on Wednesday the 46th president of the United States, he will take the White House at the age of 78 at the third attempt and will go down in history as at least the oldest person to assume the post of president of America. Free News recalled the main milestones of his political career and personal life.

Before winning the November election, he defeated Donald Trump, Biden had already run for president twice. The first time, in 1987, he withdrew from the race due to accusations of plagiarism, and in 2008 he lost the Democratic nomination to the victorious Barack Obama, becoming his vice president. Biden was the second face of American politics during the two presidential terms of Obama. Even more – more than three decades – he was a significant figure in the political arena as a US congressman.

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was born on November 20, 1942, in the state of Pennsylvania. One of the main memories and lessons of childhood for the future president was the bullying of his peers because of his stutter. Ridicule from peers and teachers forced the young Biden to learn by heart and recite poems of Irish poets in front of the mirror. This probably serves him well to this day – Biden is an excellent speaker. Although he often repeats himself, presenting memorized parts of his speeches to various audiences, or even says too much, he is perfectly well in public in his old age. If he reads from a teleprompter, he does it very naturally. With his audience, Biden on “you,” in connection with which the role of “your boyfriend” sometimes became an occasion for accusations or suspicions of sexual obscenity, he was repeatedly accused of “excessive freedom” in relation to women.

By education, Biden is a lawyer; it was a law that became his main profession and, after he left public defenders for private business, allowed him to provide for his family at the beginning of his career.

Family is the most important thing for Biden, and this has only become clearer over the years. He lost his first family, or rather part of it, in 1972, barely becoming one of the youngest senators in the history of the United States. Then, on a trip to buy New Year’s gifts, his first wife and 13-month-old daughter were killed in a car accident. Although Biden married for the second time and lived with his wife Jill for more than forty years, he still remembers the experience with great pain. The loss in 2015 of his first child, Bo’s son from his first marriage, was the second major shock in Biden’s life and is widely believed to have cost him the presidential campaign of the last cycle. Many expected that Vice President Biden would offer his candidacy in the election against the Republican candidate Donald Trump. Still, because of the death of his beloved son, he chose not to run for president, and the Democratic candidate then became Hillary Clinton, who lost the election.

Biden is a dog lover; he will move into the White House with two sheepdogs – 12 – year-old Champ and a two-year-old dog from the shelter Majora, and his wife hinted that soon after moving to Washington, they would get a cat.

Biden is a very family man, and the family history could have cost him the presidency this time. His political opponent, Donald Trump, actively used the “adventures” of Biden’s younger son Hunter in his election campaign. Stories about the son of a politician dabbling in drugs and prostitutes could draw mild condemnation, with millions of dollars from the governments of Ukraine and China, Trump hoped, would sober up voters and not be forgiven. Meanwhile, the story of the “Biden affairs” in Ukraine turned only into the impeachment of Trump himself, and questions about “Where is Hunter” in relation to the business of the son of the former vice president with China have also remained beyond the line of the lost Trump battle for the White House.

In January 2017, shortly before the end of his administration, Obama “surprised” his senior running mate, Vice President Joe Biden, with the main presidential award – the Medal of Freedom.

“The best vice president America has ever had, Mr. Joe Biden,” President Obama introduced him. Biden is widely believed to have been Obama’s top adviser and the last person with whom he discussed any decision he made before it became public. Biden, in turn, remained on the side of the presidential word until the end. Foreign policy is an atypical field for a US vice president. Still, it was for his experience in it that Obama chose Biden, who headed the Senate Foreign Policy Committee, as the second person in his administration.

Author: Steve Cowan
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