At the F-35 fighter found almost 900 defects

The American F-35 fighter still has almost 900 defects that undermine the combat readiness of the aircraft. Bloomberg reports this with reference to the Pentagon’s Office of testing.

The most expensive US weapon has many shortcomings, many of which were identified even before the development and demonstration stages ended in April 2018 with 941 defects, said Robert Behler, director of the program’s test corps.

At the moment, the fighter has 871 defects left. That’s only two fewer than the F-35 had last year. The article clarifies that the problems are related to the software and hardware of the aircraft. At the same time, ten of them are potentially serious problems in the first category. We are talking about critical defects that can jeopardize pilots’ safety and reduce the effectiveness of military operations.

The aircraft will also have to undergo simulation exercises, which are necessary to confirm its combat readiness in the face of “the most severe threats from Russia and China.” Only in this case you can start large-scale production of the F-35.

It is noted that already at this stage, the cost of the F-35 program cost the United States $ 398 billion.

Despite these shortcomings, Lockheed has received contracts for 970 aircraft, some of which have already been delivered to customers. More than 3,200 such fighters are planned to be produced for the United States and other countries.

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