At Amazon, employees are fired by an algorithm for no reason

Amazon began to rely on algorithms to fire contractors: a computer monitors the productivity of each employee and issues warnings about their performance.

According to sources familiar with the company’s strategy, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos believes that machines make decisions faster and more accurately than people – this reduces costs and gives the company a competitive edge.

It was reported that annually, thousands of workers fall under reductions initiated by artificial intelligence: in total, more than 125 thousand people work at Amazon’s warehouse complexes.

Previously, Amazon’s experience with an AI system that monitors the efficiency of contract drivers became known: using an application called Flex, the company pays car owners $ 25 per hour for the delivery of goods. But when they register, algorithms start tracking their actions.

They control whether the driver arrived at the unloading station at the stated time, where he left the parcel and whether the order was completed on time. A person whose job is deemed ineffective by the AI ​​may receive an email notification of the termination of their contract without the involvement of their boss.

It is noted that the algorithm can be wrong, for example, to build the delivery of goods to a faulty checkpoint. According to Amazon employees familiar with the program, interviewed by the publication, 95% of drivers complete orders on time, and only 5% face problems.

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