Astronomers mapped three interstellar clouds. They are visible only in the radio waves!

Astronomers mapped three interstellar clouds. About it writes EurekAlert. with reference to a study by a group of scientists that includes astronomers from NAOJ, Tokyo University, Tokyo Gakugei University, Ibaraki University, Otsuma Women’s University, Niigata University, Nagoya University and other Japanese universities.

On the map were neighboring interstellar gas clouds, which contain areas of ongoing star formation with a large mass. At the same time, such objects cannot be observed from the Earth in visible light, however, they emit powerful radio waves, so astronomers analyze their structure using the 45-meter Nobeyama radio telescope in Japan.

Three interstellar clouds will appear on the map – Orion A, Aquila Rift and M17. To create a map of Orion A, scientists also collected data from the CARMA interferometer, which is located in the United States.

Stars clouds

The resulting map has a resolution of about 3.2 thousand astronomical units. This means that the map can only have objects 60 times larger than the solar system. Nevertheless, so far this is the largest and most detailed map of these regions.

At the same time, the map has not yet been published in full scale by scientists, but in the future they promise to post it openly. Now researchers have posted only an approximate diagram of this map.

Author: Flyn Braun
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