Astronomers have discovered a quasar with the strongest winds

Astronomers from Canada discovered a quasar with the strongest winds. They cannot yet explain the causes of the phenomenon that they first encountered.

Researchers have explained that quasars form when a massive black hole accelerates a substance that it cannot absorb. After that, she throws it out in the form of jets. Another effect of this phenomenon is that quasars in this way cause strong winds, which can even slow down the process of star formation.

Scientists already knew about this phenomenon, but now they have discovered a quasar that generates the most powerful winds in the history of observations. So far, researchers cannot explain why this is happening. This quasar SDSS J135246.37 + 423923.5 is formed by a supermassive black hole containing more than 8 billion solar masses.

“Although we previously observed fast winds in quasars, they were small and carried only a small amount of mass,” said Sarah Gallagher, an astronomer at Western University in Canada and a leading author of new research. “This wind is insanely powerful, and we don’t know how a quasar can launch something like that”.

This quasar was first discovered in a project called the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, which resulted in the compilation of massive maps of the universe. Now the team will combine its data with previous studies to understand the reasons for the appearance of such massive winds.

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