Astronomers first discovered the planet using radio waves

Researchers from the Netherlands Institute of Radio Astronomy discovered the star GJ 1151, it turned out that she has a planet whose mass is only five times the mass of the Earth. This is the first time a celestial body has been detected using radio waves.

The radio waves of the star, which scientists discovered, arose due to the interaction between the magnetic field of a celestial body and an orbital planet. However, previously, researchers could not even detect such phenomena, this time a new method helped them.

They explained that these waves can be detected when a planet passes between the Earth and its star. During rotation, it causes small dips in the light of the star. It is this phenomenon that can be found in the position of the celestial body when it is attracted by the planet.

The LOFAR telescope located in the Netherlands, when scanning the sky, revealed several such emissions. One of them was the star GJ 1151.

Star planets can be hidden, so the team made observations using special equipment – and so they discovered the exoplanet. Scientists note that the more massive the planet, the greater the likelihood of its discovery.

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