Astronomers find an exoplanet with an extraordinary orbit

Scientists from NASA said they had found an exoplanet with an extraordinary orbit. She is elongated and very strongly inclined.

The Hubble Space Telescope has discovered a distant exoplanet with a highly distorted orbit around its host stars. Planet HD 106906 is orbiting a binary star 336 light-years away. This planet is about 11 times more massive than Jupiter. It was originally discovered back in 2013, but until recently, researchers could not observe its orbit.

For the first time, astronomers have measured the motion of a massive planet similar to Jupiter.

The orbital measurements turned out to be unusual for scientists. They found that a celestial body moves in a very elongated and displaced orbit. As the researchers tentatively calculated, the planet never comes closer than 510 astronomical units to its stars.

The planet’s motion trajectory also turned out to be strange – it passes outside the gas and dust disk of the system and is tilted with it by about 40 degrees. Initially, they received an image of the disk in 2015, but they did not understand that the disk is somewhat similar to the Kuiper belt in the solar system but has a very asymmetric shape.

“This system is unique to our solar system. It is very widely separated from its host stars in an eccentric and highly distorted orbit. This raises the question of how these planets formed and evolved to find themselves in their current configuration ultimately,” – noted NASA.

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