Astronomers began to research the storms on Jupiter

Astronomers began to research the storms on Jupiter. They are at least five times more powerful than the same natural phenomena on Earth.

The storms on Jupiter cause some of the most powerful winds that can be observed anywhere in the solar system. New data from the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii, the Hubble Space Telescope, and the Juneau spacecraft made it possible to study them in more detail.

Scientists note that storms on Jupiter can reach 65 km in height – an average of five times more than these same natural phenomena on Earth. Lightning from these storms is three times more powerful than on Earth. At the same time, lightning on Jupiter produces both visible light and radio waves.

Jupiter storms

Researchers receive new data every 53 days – at this moment, the Juno spacecraft, located in the orbit of Jupiter, descends low above the planet. At these altitudes, one can investigate the types of radio signals generated by storms on Jupiter.

For example, observations from three observatories suggest that lightning flashes on Jupiter are the result of interactions between the three types of clouds. These are deep clouds consisting of water, clouds formed as a result of rising air and clouds that are formed as a result of the fact that dry air enters the atmosphere.

“The highest concentration of lightning recorded by Juneau was caused by a whirlwind. Several types of clouds can be observed in the photographs at once, ”the researchers note.