Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis star in 2021 Super Bowl commercial

Coming soon on February 7, the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida will host the annual National Football League final to determine the new Super Bowl winner.

By tradition, a large number of commercials will be shown during the game breaks. In 30 seconds of such videos in prime time, companies usually have to shell out several million dollars.

Two weeks before the bright sporting event, several teasers of the upcoming advertising videos were published on the network: they were announced like a big movie premiere. This year, spouses Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis starred in an advertisement for a well-known snack brand.

So far, two excerpts from advertisements featuring stars have been posted online. The part in which Ashton appears was shot in the spirit of a dark thriller. Ashton’s hero receives a sealed envelope, in which he finds a stack of pictures with a girl who looks like Kunis, taken by a private detective. At the end of the video, the actor, shocked by what he saw, takes out an empty packet of chips from the envelope.

Oh my god … I knew it, – says Ashton’s hero.

In another passage, Mila Kunis already appears: with a tear in her voice and eyes full of tears, she delivers a dramatic monologue. In this heartbreaking speech, the heroine admits that she does not believe that her partner could think so badly of her after so many years of marriage.

What exactly are you hinting at? Do you think I could do this behind your back after everything we’ve been through? I can’t even look at you! – says Mila.

After the spoken phrase, Mila’s heroine immediately changes in her face, and her assistant appears in the frame, from whom she asks if she is too dramatic. They both decide to reduce the degree of tension in her monologue, after which the heroine Kunis begins another rehearsal of her speech in front of the mirror.

As a reminder, the lineup for the 2021 Super Bowl will be determined this Sunday. Then there will be two matches: the reigning champions of the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills will meet in one bout, and the Green Bay Packers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will converge in the other. This year’s US American Football Championship final will be judged for the first time by a female NFL referee, Sarah Thomas.

Author: Sam Smith
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