Asher shows the first photo of his newborn daughter

Singer Asher became a father again. Most recently, he shared this gorgeous news on the social network. The star’s third child was born in a relationship with Jenn Goykoechea.

The baby was born ahead of schedule. The couple was expecting a little princess on November 11, but she had her own plans. So, the addition to the family happened at the end of September. As the happy father clarified, the girl was supposed to be a Scorpio according to the horoscope but decided to become a Libra, like her star dad. Asher and his beloved named the baby Sovereign Beau Raymond.

Note that Asher and his wife tried not to advertise the upcoming replenishment. They hid Jenn’s “interesting” position, so the news of the birth of Sovereign Bo Raymond came as a real surprise to many.

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