Artificial skin can replace electronic watch

Scientists from the United States have presented artificial skin that may replace fitness devices in the future. It can be stretched without disrupting work.

Researchers at Colorado State University have developed a “wearable electronic device” – a flexible and fully recyclable printed circuit board that is inspired by human skin.

The team describes the new e-skin in an article published in Science Advances. The device can regenerate itself just like real skin. It also reliably performs a wide range of sensory tasks, from measuring a user’s body temperature to tracking steps.

In addition, the skin is reconfigurable, which means the device can be fitted in any shape to fit anywhere on the body.

These devices can be embedded in robots and humans. Researchers already talked about e-skin design in 2018, but now they have significantly improved the concept and made the device more elastic.

For the production of the product, scientists use screen printing – this is how a network of wires made of liquid metal appears. They then connect these chains between two thin films made of highly elastic polyimine.

As a result, the device is slightly thicker than a patch and can be applied to the skin when heated. It can also stretch 60% in any direction without disturbing the electronics inside. The e-skin of the team can do a lot of the same things as popular fitness devices.

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