Artificial diamond turned out to be stronger than natural diamond

Lab-made hexagonal diamonds are stronger than natural diamonds. Details on the creation of artificial minerals are reported by Physical Review B.

The most durable natural material has a competitor. For the first time, researchers have obtained convincing evidence that human-made hexagonal (hexagonal) diamonds are tougher than regular cubic diamonds found in nature and often used in jewelry.

Scientists at Washington State University (WSU) have created hexagonal diamonds large enough to measure their hardness using sound waves. Their findings are detailed in a recent paper in Physical Review B.

“Diamond is a unique material,” emphasizes Yogendra Gupta, director of the WSU Institute of Physics. “It is not only the most durable, but also has excellent optical properties and high thermal conductivity. We managed to create a hexagonal diamond shape, obtained as a result of experiments on shock compression. It is significantly tougher and stronger than conventional gem and polished diamonds.”

Scientists have long wanted to create a material stronger than natural diamonds that can be used in a variety of industries. The WSU study has proven the strength of the hexagonal shape of perfect diamonds for the first time.

Author: John Kessler
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