Arnold Schwarzenegger’s illegitimate son shared a childhood photo with his father

On July 30, Arnold Schwarzenegger turned 73, and the actor was overwhelmed with congratulations. Arnold’s illegitimate son, 22-year-old Joseph Baena, the youngest of his children, was noted among the congratulations. He published a rare shot from childhood, where he hugs his dad cutely.

I wish dad a happy birthday. You have always been and remain number one for me

– wrote Joseph on the microblog.

arnold schwarzenegger

Baena is the illegitimate son of Schwarzenegger and his housekeeper, Mexican Mildred Baena, who worked for the actor for 20 years and, by the way, was married during the relationship with him. The fact about his son was hidden from the public for a long time. Although there were rumors that Schwarzenegger himself did not know about the child. The news that Arnold had an illegitimate son appeared in 2011 when the boy was already 14.

After such news, the actor’s wife Maria Shriver filed for divorce, despite having four joint children with Arnie, but the couple officially divorced only in 2017. But since then, Arnold and his youngest son began to communicate more and began to go to the gym together. Joseph followed in the footsteps of his dad and also boasts an athletic muscular body, which he does on his Instagram page.

Arnold also did not forget about Joseph’s mother: he gave her a house, supported her financially, and gave solid gifts.

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