Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke out against people promoting anti-mask regime

Recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger gave a controversial interview with CNN host Bianca Golodryga. He stated that people who ignore the COVID-19 pandemic need sanity checks and insulted those who still oppose masks, The Hill reports.

“You have the freedom to wear a mask, but do you consider yourself smarter than others? You are dumb because you don’t wear a mask. Because you must protect your fellow Americans by your side. Fuck your freedom, ”said Schwarzenegger.

REDCON1, a sports supplement company, responded instantly to Iron Arnie’s interview.

“To be clear, we refused to fund bodybuilding events because of Schwerzenegger’s remarks about anti-masks. We understand the importance of public safety and the responsibility of all event organizers. These are unprecedented times and we are committed to the principle of public safety for all. But the saying “Fuck your freedom” we find dangerous. It contradicts American ideology, and we are a patriotic brand,” explained a REDCON1 spokesman.

Realizing that the money is floating right out from under his nose, Schwarzenegger published a post on Instagram, in which he softened the sharpness:

“I spoke about freedom and duty, about my duty to honor the exploits of American heroes who sacrificed themselves for us throughout our history.”

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