Arnold Schwarzenegger received 25 times more than George Clooney for Batman and Robin

George Clooney received 25 times less Schwarzenegger for his shooting in the movie “Batman and Robin”. At the time, Clooney was best known as Doctor Doug Ross of Ambulance, so it’s no surprise that the megastar Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name took first place in the credits.

George Clooney’s fee for participation in this film was only a million dollars, while Arnold Schwarzenegger earned 25 million dollars. This even though Clooney played the role of the main character in this film – Batman. Arnold Schwarzenegger played the villain, Mr Freeze.

Clooney announced this in a new interview with THR. The actor admitted that he regrets that he decided to star in this film. Recall that the film “Batman and Robin” was released in 1997. This film received mixed reviews. Many critics and viewers spoke of him extremely negatively.

Also, in his interview for THR, Clooney emphasized that he never met with Schwarzenegger on the set during the work on the project. The actor described the filming process as a “circus”.

By the way, the negative character of the movie “Batman and Robin” – Mr Freese, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, is considered one of the most unfortunate villainous incarnations on the screen.

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