Arnold Schwarzenegger confused Chris Pratt with Chris Evans

Some time ago there was a popular joke in Hollywood about which of the actors named Chris could be called the best.

It is connected with the fact that there are many consonant names among movie stars, and therefore an artificial confrontation was created between the namesake actors (Pratt, Evans, Hemsworth). The other day, Arnold Schwarzenegger joined the game, who jokingly decided to name his own son-in-law Chris Pratt after his “competitor” Chris Evans.

On New Year’s Eve, Pratt hosted an Instagram virtual telethon for Greater Good, and his father-in-law Schwarzenegger was one of the guests. As soon as Arnold got in touch, he jokingly greeted the host:

“Hi, Chris Evans. Oh, not Chris Evans, sorry! I screwed up from the start. Chris Pratt. I should know your name – you are my beloved son-in-law. ” To which the presenter replied with a laugh that he was Arnold’s only son-in-law, so it would be better for him to be a favorite. Pratt is married to Schwarzenegger’s daughter Katherine, they have a little daughter, Lila Maria, who was born in August 2020.

Earlier in an interview, Schwarzenegger’s son-in-law admitted himself the worst of Chris-actors, agreeing with Twitter users. Members of this social network started an argument about who is better and decided that Pratt could be called a loser because he is a Republican. Other online programs and channels picked up the comic debate.