Armie Hammer’s wife showed off her son after his fall

Elizabeth Chambers shared disturbing news about her three-year-old son Ford: the boy fell out of bed and injured his cheek, due to which he lost a lot of blood. The former wife of Armie Hammer shared photos with the child and wrote:

A very strange thing happened: while he was sleeping, Ford rolled out of bed and hit his cheek on the bedside table. Wept for several hours – both he and me. There was so much blood.

But the child has already received help, he and his mother are feeling better.

In addition to Ford, Hammer and Chambers are raising their five-year-old daughter Harper. The couple split up in July after 10 years of marriage and 13 years of relationship. Armie recently gave an interview to GQ magazine, where he talked about breaking up with his wife.

I think you will not find anyone in the world who would say that what I am going through now is easy to get through. The point is not whether it was your initiative [to break up] or not, whether you think it’s a good idea or not. In any case, parting is a great shock. It carries a lot of pain and changes with it. Change is a universal constant. Change is not always bad, but that doesn’t mean it’s painless.

– Hammer said.