Armie Hammer’s girlfriend blocked him on social networks

In September, Armie Hammer was spotted on a date with the writer Jessica Chinchin Henriquez. At that time, both of them had just parted ways with their partners and decided to enjoy lunch together. It seems that it didn’t end well.

The other day, Jessica posted a meme on her Twitter on the topic “How it began / How it ended.” In the first part of the picture, Enriquez posted a photo from a date with Armie, and in the second – a screenshot of his Instagram page, which she blocked. Jessica soon deleted this meme, and then wrote: “I am the queen of deleted posts. I just want to keep you on your toes. This is my constant feature. “

Recall that in the summer, Armie Hammer broke up with his wife Elizabeth Chambers after 13 years of relationship. The actor does not hide the fact that after the divorce he needed the help of a psychologist, but made it clear that he looks at this philosophically.

The former couple has two common children, the issue of custody of which they are now deciding. Chambers asks for priority in custody, and Hammer insists on raising children together, so he filed a lawsuit.

Hammer’s lawyer says the actor has not seen the children in months: “Armie returned to Los Angeles in July. Then Elizabeth promised him that soon she would also return with the children, but they remain in the Cayman Islands. “

In a statement, Armi clarified that the ex-wife also promised to return on the next October flight, but did not keep her word.

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