Armie Hammer’s ex-wife found evidence of his cheating

According to Vanity Fair, Armie Hammer had an affair with a colleague during his relationship with Elizabeth Chambers. The source cited by the publication said that the actor first confessed to infidelity shortly after the birth of his 4-year-old son Ford with Elizabeth but said that it was only once. However, years later, according to an insider, Chambers learned that Hammer was having an affair with a co-star.

The turning point in Armie and Elizabeth’s marriage reportedly came when Hammer decided to return to the United States amid the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, his family was quarantined in the Cayman Islands. Back in the states, Hammer allegedly mistakenly sent Chambers an obscene text message meant for someone else. Elizabeth filed for divorce shortly thereafter.

“She found evidence that Armie was having an affair with one of his co-stars. He mistakenly sent her a bawdy message that was not meant for her. Hammer’s negligence and decision to isolate herself from Elizabeth and the children led her to file for divorce after pulling out the marriage. She was amazed at the accusations that fell on Armie, but now she realizes that this is part of the process. She tries to keep her head held high, protects her children and takes care of her family, ” the informant said.

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