Armie Hammer was accused of branding his beloved with a knife

Former lover of actor Armie Hammer Paige Lorenze said that the artist cut the first letter of his name on her pubis with a knife, thus branded her. The words of 22-year-old Lorenza are reported by the American edition of The Sun.

“[The mark] is still visible. It was extremely painful and traumatic. He told me that he later bragged about it to his friends, ”the woman said.

Lorenze added that Hammer seriously urged her to remove the lower ribs so he could eat them. “He constantly told me that I could remove the lower ribs so that he could smoke, cook and eat them. He kept repeating: “You don’t need them,” she recalled.

It is noted that the relationship between Lorenze and Hammer lasted from August to December 2020.

Earlier in January, it was reported that Hammer had a secret Instagram account with drug posts and bondage memes. In the same month, another former lover of the actor revealed that the actor confessed to her desire to barbecue her ribs and eat them. Also, screenshots of correspondence appeared on social networks in which Hammer confessed to his interlocutor that he wanted to eat her, drink her blood, and hold her beating heart in his hands.

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