Armie Hammer reunited with children 5 months after divorce

On Saturday, the Social Network star posted a family photo from the Cayman Islands, where his ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers is resting with his three-year-old son Ford and six-year-old daughter Harper. “Finally, freedom!” – commented on the beach photo, a happy father, who has repeatedly passed the coronavirus test to get to the islands.

Armie decided not to publish photos of his children “for their safety and well-being,” despite the heirs next to the star father. Now the head of the family is in a 14-day quarantine since this is a mandatory requirement for all new arrivals to the Cayman Islands. However, Armie knows a lot about proper quarantine: he is isolated on the beach with a glass of chilled drink.

Recall that it became known about the separation of Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers in the middle of last year. In one of his interviews, Armie called the incident a “seismic phenomenon” in his life, hinting that the breakup was not easy for him. After the official news of the divorce, the Social Network star was seen in the company of various girls, with whom he was immediately credited with an affair. However, Armie has not confirmed the start of a new relationship.

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