Armie Hammer hit social networks with personal photos from a secret account

Hollywood actor Armie Hammer has recently become one of the most talked-about people.

The fact is that his intimate correspondence got into the network, in which he confessed his interest in BDSM and cannibalism. Recently, this was added by leaked posts from Hammer’s closed Instagram account related to the use of illegal substances and cheating on his wife.

Recall that Armie’s wife recently filed for divorce. After 10 years of marriage, Elizabeth Chambers decided to leave the actor in the past. For Hammer to see his two children, he had to take a drug test according to a court order.

For the divorce and the opportunity to see the children, Hammer had to come from the United States to the Cayman Islands, where Chambers lives. He admitted that he considers this place to be just awful, but he found only plus in it – beautiful girls with whom you can sleep. He showed one of them in a photograph, calling it “Miss Caymans.” The girl dutifully waited for the actor in bed in only his underwear.

In a private Instagram account, the actor photographed the process of passing the home test. However, he noted that tests in the Cayman Islands did not show DMT.

“Everything is negative. My body is a finely tuned toxic-processing machine. To be honest, there was THC and benzo in my urine. But who does not sin? ” Asked Armie.

Hammer tries to get the most out of the rest. He recently posted a photo by the pool with a beer bottle, highlighting that there are days when it is simply impossible not to drink.

“Divorce is so much fun. Not as fun as drugs. But what to do, ”- summed up Hammer.

Regarding the claims of cannibalism and brutality, Armie assured fans that it was just nonsense. But the actor did not comment on the video and statements from his Instagram.

Interestingly, Hammer’s ex-girlfriend Courtney Vuchekovich admitted that she had heard about the guy’s love for fetishes more than once. He even said that he would like to break her ribs and eat them. After these “sick” relationships, the former lover of the actor even had to undergo a course of therapy with a psychologist.

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