Ariana Grande tops the Billboard Hot 100 with her new song Positions

Ariana Grande’s career continues to go uphill – it seems that the army of fans of the 27-year-old singer still ensures her worldwide popularity. Ariana’s new single, Positions, debuted immediately from the first line of the authoritative Billboard Hot 100 chart.

This is not the first time Grande can boast of such an achievement: Positions is already her fifth track, which debuted from the first position on the Hot 100 right away. Moreover, at the moment, Ariana holds the absolute record for the number of debuts from first place on the Billboard chart. In the first week alone, the singer’s new song has sold 34,000 copies in the United States and has been listened to on streaming services more than 35.3 million times. ‘Positions’ is a single from the singer’s album of the same name, which became Ariana’s sixth in a row and was released on October 30, 2020.

Previously, such popularity was awarded to Thank U, Next in 2018, 7 rings in 2019, and two tracks of 2020 at once: duets of Ariana with Justin Bieber (Stuck With U) and Lady Gaga (Rain on Me) – which is not surprising – also in her own time started from the first line of the Billboard Hot 100. Thanks to Positions, Grande once again went down in history: before that, not a single performer had managed to release three compositions that debuted from the first place in one year.