Ariana Grande denounces Tik Tok stars for their behavior during the pandemic

Ariana Grande made a note to some of the popular TikTokers who recently attended a cowboy party at Saddle Ranch despite being restricted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The singer expressed her displeasure in the latest episode of the Zach Sang show, which is released on YouTube. “Can’t we just stay at home for a few more weeks, like all other countries that are doing a great job, at least better than us? Was it so important to go to this damn party, couldn’t you wait for this deadly pandemic to pass? Do you really want to put on cowboy boots and go for a drive on a mechanical bull so badly? And then show it on your Instagram, ” said Ariana.

The singer believes that in this way bloggers are setting a bad example for their subscribers and inciting them to be frivolous about restrictions and security measures.

One of the TikTok stars, Dixie Damelio, agreed with Grande. “I don’t even know what to think. Well, yes, she’s right. She is right. She is a queen, I adore her, ” commented Dixie. Although she was recently seen in a restaurant with friends, the blogger also received critical comments from fans.

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