Ariana Grande cries with emotion in her movie trailer

American Grammy-winning singer Ariana Grande has announced her own film, which is about to be released on Netflix, by posting a trailer for the documentary Ariana Grande: Excuse, I Love You on Twitter.

In this short video, the singer takes to the stage and beyond, puts on epic performances during the 2019 sold-out tour, gets lost behind the scenes in the hallways of a hugely complex and travels the world to entertain her fans.

However, one moment stands out strongly in the video – when Grande confides in his team and cries at the same time. “I know it was hard physically and mentally, but this show definitely saved my life this year,” says Ariana. Later on her Instagram account, the star explained what the movie meant to her:

“It’s like a love letter to all of you in honour of everything we have shared over the past few years. I know this project only covers part of one tour (out of all the other hundreds of shows and moments we’ve shared over the past six or seven years), but I just wanted to thank all of you for showing me more in this life. than I could ever dream. “

According to the artist, the film provides an exclusive look at many things in her life, as well as access behind the scenes, to rehearsals before concerts, to “cult style”, intimate and emotional moments “which are the reason for her special connection with fans.”

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