Apple won’t emit carbon by 2030

Apple has announced plans to be carbon neutral by 2030. This means that every device sold will not affect the climate during production and use.

Apple has announced that it will be completely carbon neutral by 2030. The company already has a zero carbon footprint, but the new plan will extend this approach to supply chains and the entire product lifecycle, including recycling.

Apple plans to cut carbon emissions by 75% over ten years. They will reduce the remaining 25% by 2035. The company will also introduce the Impact Accelerator program, which will focus on investing in small businesses that care about reducing their carbon footprint.

“Businesses around the world have a great opportunity to help build a future based on caring for the planet. The innovations at the heart of our sustainability have already helped us make many devices more energy-efficient and popular with new clean energy sources. Our climate plan can be the foundation for a new era of innovation, job creation, and sustainable economic growth. We hope that this will lead to major changes”.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Specifically, in 2020, Apple will begin to increase the amount of low-carbon and recycled materials, innovate in the field of waste management, and create products that minimize energy consumption. They will also reduce energy consumption in all of their industries and use only green energy.

Earlier, the British low-cost airline EasyJet became the world’s first carbon-neutral airline. It will offset emissions from all of its aircraft by investing in environmental projects, such as planting forests. EasyJet will invest $ 32.4 million during 2020 offsetting every metric ton of greenhouse gas emissions. The company believes that the development of green projects will completely neutralize the effect of carbon dioxide emitted by EasyJet aircraft on the Earth’s atmosphere.

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