Apple will soon unveil new 64-core ARM processor

Apple is preparing to release a new ARM processor with 64 processing cores. A message about the new development appeared on Twitter of an insider LeaksApplePro.

Informants did not disclose details. The insider explains its secrecy by the fact that users will not have to wait long: in the near future, Apple will reveal the details of the new version of the Silicon platform. The new 64-core solution may become the ultimate in the computer market, experts say.

In early November 2020, Apple unveiled the M1, a new ARM processor for Mac computers, at One More Thing. It consists of an eight-core processor, which Apple says contains the fastest processor cores ever made and the best performance per watt of any processor in its class on the market.

The M1 also has an eight-core onboard GPU, and Apple is again claiming that it can deliver better performance than the “latest laptop chip” while consuming less power. A month and a half passed, and the 5nm chip was able to outperform much more expensive processors from Intel and AMD based on the x86 architecture in benchmarks.

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