Apple will remove the default female Siri voice in iOS 14.5

Recently, Apple has rolled out the beta version of iOS 14.5.6, in which users have noticed one interesting feature.

The developers have removed the default female Siri voice. Apple’s voice assistant will now be gender-neutral. Users will be able to choose their own voice for the assistant when the device is first activated. There will be four voice options to choose from. Now there are two of them.

By the way, according to a recent UN study, voice assistants with female voices by default reinforce gender stereotypes and promote prejudice against women in society.

Recall that iOS 14.5 will be the largest update for the iPhone since the release of iOS 14. The firmware will add the function of unlocking the phone using Face ID in a mask and return the “picture-in-picture” mode for YouTube. In addition, the system will be able to set YouTube Music and Spotify as the default music player for Siri and much more.

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Author: John Kessler
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