Apple Watch will detect blood oxygen levels

Apple Watch will determine the level of oxygen in the blood, 9to5Mac has learned about this. The function will reveal even more potential risks to the user’s health.

Sources for 9to5Mac at Apple said the company is working on a feature that can measure blood oxygen through the wrist. If the level of blood oxygen saturation falls below a certain threshold, the user will receive a notification about this.

It is not yet known whether this will require a hardware or software update. Perhaps engineers will use red and infrared sensors.

The device will consider normal the level of oxygen in the range of 95-100%. A drop below 80% will determine the clock as a risk that can lead to disruption of the heart and brain. If this level persists, the device will notify you of the risk of respiratory arrest or heart failure.

9to5Mac noted that “there is no guarantee that new features will appear in the new generation of Apple Watch. However, the authors of the publication noted that Apple will increasingly turn the watch into a tool that carefully monitors the health of the patient. At the same time, statistics on low levels of oxygen in the blood can reduce the risk of heart and lung attacks.

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