Apple was sued: House burned down because of the iPad

A lawsuit was filed against Apple this month in District Court in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Plaintiff Michael Macaluso claims his house burned down due to a faulty iPad.

According to Michael, it was most likely the battery of his tablet that caused the fire. At the same time, the man declares that he did not do anything with the gadget, which could lead to a breakdown, and did not use it for other purposes.

Insurance company Allstate Insurance has already paid $142 thousand to repair the burned-down house. But now the victim has hired a law firm to claim compensation from Apple. The lawsuit went to federal district court this week.

Unfortunately, this is not the only lawsuit filed for exploding and burning devices. For example, in 2019, New Jersey resident Julia Ireland Meo_ filed a lawsuit claiming her father died in an apartment fire, allegedly caused by a faulty iPad battery. the insurance company has filed a second lawsuit against Apple, demanding reimbursement of payments, but these claims have not yet been reviewed.

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