Apple wants to revive the MagSafe brand

According to sources, on October 13, Apple will present not only smartphones of the iPhone 12 series but also several devices under the MagSafe brand.

The name MagSafe is already familiar to users of Apple products: at one time the company produced laptops with MagSafe magnetic chargers. The first power connector with a magnetic mount was received by the MacBook Pro in 2006. Despite positive feedback from users, Apple replaced MagSafe entirely with USB-C between 2016 and 2019.

Now it looks like the brand is making a comeback but in a different role. Rumor has it that a new MagSafe iPhone Magnetic Case and two official Apple wireless chargers called “MagSafe Charger” and “MagSafe Duo Charger” will debut Tuesday. One or both of them will receive 15W of power.

Unfortunately, no details have been disclosed, but earlier images of a case with a design of magnets in the shape of a circle appeared on social networks. The magnets are supposed to be used to align devices on Apple’s branded wireless charger.

By the way, sources also confirm that the box with the iPhone 12 will not have headphones or a power adapter.

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