Apple uses Samsung Galaxy S21 to advertise its Beats Studio Buds headphones

Apple and Samsung are eternal rivals in the smartphone market that never miss an opportunity to trick or troll an opponent. But Apple’s new ad is different. And the unexpected.

As it turned out, Apple, or rather its Amazon US page, is using the flagship Samsung Galaxy S21 to advertise the new Beats Studio Buds headphones. This is surprising because the Beats brand is owned by Apple, and the smartphone is not shown from the negative side in advertising.

It looks like this is how Apple shows that the headphones work with any operating system (both Android and iOS), but it kind of hints: “Look, even your premium Android smartphone will work great with Apple hardware. Imagine if you had an iPhone.”

Of course, it is possible that the image of the Samsung Galaxy S21 in the advertisement is a mistake. Still, this is unlikely.

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Author: John Kessler
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