Apple unveils new AirPods Max headphones for $850

In the United States, they ask for $550 for AirPods Max. The start of sales is scheduled for December 15th. However, no plans have been made to bring the headset to the official sale in Belarus.

The headphones received an H1 processor, as well as improved software with an adaptive equalizer, transparency mode (when some of the sounds of the outside world seem to “leak out”), as well as surround sound. The ear cushions are attached to the headband so that the mechanism balances the pressure of the ear cup and also allows them to rotate with the user’s head.

Each ear cushion uses acoustically engineered memory foam to provide a more efficient seal – essential for the best possible sound. Plus, AirPods Max has a built-in Digital Crown spinning key – just like the Apple Watch. With its help, it is proposed to adjust the volume, as well as control Siri and playback of tracks. There is also a key to turn on / off the “noise reduction”.

There are also 40-mm drivers in the asset, three microphones on each ear cushion on the outside and one on the inside. In addition, the headphones automatically detect when they are on the user’s head. Depending on this, sound is played, and playback may also stop after removal (or when the user simply lifts one ear cup).

According to Apple, the new AirPods Max have up to 20 hours of playtime in active ANC mode. A slim case is included in the package. It puts the gadget into a low power mode, which helps conserve power.

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