Apple unveils first proprietary computer processor – M1

High performance that does not require active cooling.

Apple has unveiled its own SoC based on ARM architecture. And despite the early leaks, its name is M1.

The M1 is a system-on-a-chip that runs on 16 trillion transistors enclosed in a single 5nm “stone”. It combines eight CPU cores, four of which are highly efficient and four are energy efficient. Apple claims to be the fastest computer cores in the world.

The M1 has the highest ratio of performance per watt of power: graphics performance is twice as powerful as traditional integrated graphics on chips used in PCs. At least that’s what Apple says: “This is the highest performing GPU processor we’ve ever created,” the company says.

16-core processor for neurocomputing, 11 trillion operations per second, a new generation of the Secure Enclave coprocessor, which is, in fact, a key manager. The M1 will work with Thunderbolt and USB 4.

So far, Apple has not revealed most of the details about the new SoC. The system will definitely give a significant increase in energy consumption. For example, the new MacBook Air, which will ship without coolers, can deliver up to 18 hours of video, six hours more than a comparable MacBook with an x86 processor.

What about performance?
It’s hard to say yet. Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Cinema 4D, Lightroom and Photoshop were shown at the presentation. The last two apps will be available next year.

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