Apple still removed Epic Games account from App Store

After Epic Games added the ability to buy in-game currency to bypass fees to Fortnite, Apple threatened to remove its account from the App Store. And now I moved from words to deeds.

The Epic Games game developer account has now been removed from the App Store. However, the profile associated with the Unreal Engine continues to work. Apparently, this is due to the injunction.

As a result, Epic Games will no longer be able to submit apps and updates to the App Store. Previously downloaded games will continue to function, but in-app purchases will no longer be available to Fortnite players.

“We are disappointed that we had to delete our Epic Games App Store account. We’ve worked with the Epic Games team for many years on their releases. The court recommended that Epic adhere to the platform’s principles during the trial, following the rules the company has followed over the past decade. Epic refused. Instead, they’ve repeatedly downloaded Fortnite updates that violate App Store policies. This is unfair to all the other developers in the App Store and is drawing users into Epic’s struggles. We hope to be able to work together in the future, but unfortunately this is not possible today”, Apple said in a statement.

By the way, immediately after the deletion of the account, Apple began to actively advertise the game PUBG Mobile, which is one of the main competitors of Fortnite.

Author: John Kessler
Graduated From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Previously, worked in various little-known media. Currently is an expert, editor and developer of Free News.
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