Apple smartphones will still have a subscreen Touch ID

For several years now, there have been rumors about a sub-screen fingerprint scanner (Touch ID) in Apple smartphones, but so far this has not happened. The iPhone 12 introduced this week, unfortunately, does not have such scanners either.

According to an insider L0vetodream, Apple is still looking to bring Touch ID back to the iPhone. He left the following message on social networks: “MESA uts for iPhone”. As analyst Jon Prosser explained, “MESA” stands for “Touch ID,” and the abbreviation “uts” stands for under the screen.

Unfortunately, insiders do not name the timing of the release of a smartphone with a sub-screen Touch ID. Hopefully, it will be the 2021 iPhone 13.

Incidentally, TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted last year that Apple will introduce at least one iPhone with an under-display fingerprint reader in 2021.

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