Apple released iOS 13.6 beta 2. This is the former iOS 13.5.5

iOS has undergone a lot of changes this year, and not just in terms of features available. For example, it was for iOS 13.5 that Apple released the fifth functional update, although nothing had happened before. This was a justified, though not entirely planned step, because it was in this update that users began to have access to a tracking system for patients with coronavirus. And all would be fine, but today Apple once again surprised us all by launching the beta test program of the sixth functional update for iOS 13.

On June 9, Apple released iOS 13.6 beta 2. Numbering starts immediately with the second build because iOS 13.6 is a renamed version of iOS 13.5.5, testing of which began two weeks ago. Why Cupertino did not immediately assign the desired serial number to the update is unknown. However, it is not particularly surprising, given that only two months ago Apple took and renamed iOS 13.4.5 to iOS 13.5, thereby emphasizing the significance of the innovations planned for this update, or, to be exact, innovations.

What’s New in iOS 13.5

  • Coronavirus Patient Tracking System;
  • Face mask recognition mechanism for Face ID;
  • The mechanism that highlights the talking user window in FaceTime group calls;
  • Now you can urgently send a virtual medical record to health authorities from the shutdown menu;
  • The “Share” menu bug was fixed, which led to the disappearance of all elements if the user had WhatsApp installed;
  • Fixed a bug due to which users could see a black screen when trying to play streaming video on some sites.

iPhone iOS 13.6

Obviously, iOS 13.6 will be a major update, because, otherwise, Apple would not engage in emergency castling of names. True, it is still difficult to say what kind of innovations the upcoming version of the operating system will be able to boast. After all, it would be too wasteful to single out a second-order update, of which no more than four were released before this year, solely for fixing bugs and vulnerabilities for the company, why in vain depreciating such updates.

When iOS 13.6 Releases

But, in fairness, it should be noted that there were a lot of problems in iOS 13.5. One of the key shortcomings of this OS version was a critical vulnerability that allowed performing an untethered jailbreak procedure. Yes, after some time, Apple released an emergency update for iOS 13.5.1, which was aimed, however, exclusively at eliminating this gap, ignoring all other shortcomings that found themselves in iOS 13.5.

Given that Apple releases fresh beta versions of iOS 13.6 (iOS 13.5.5) once every two weeks, most likely, testing the update can take about a month and a half. That is, the update will be released closer to mid-July, which means that it will correspond to iOS 12.4, whose release took place at about the same time, preceding the September release of iOS 13. In the case of iOS 13.6, there is a roughly comparable trend, and hence functional innovations in its composition should also be comparable with iOS 12.4 in terms of the importance of the impact exerted on the OS.

Author: John Kessler
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