Apple pays musicians twice as much for every stream as Spotify

Apple pays musicians twice as much every time they listen to Apple Music streaming service than Spotify. This fee was disclosed by The Wall Street Journal, citing a letter from the company to musicians and labels.

For example, Apple pays one cent for one listening to Apple Music and gives 52 per cent of the proceeds from subscriptions to copyright holders. At the same time, Spotify pays an average of one-third to one-half of a cent for listening and gives back 75 to 80 per cent of the proceeds to copyright holders. At the same time, the service has more users who listen to more music.

However, musicians do not receive payments directly. First, services translate them to copyright holders – labels, music publishers and other distributors.

In January, Canadian rapper Drake became the most listened to artist on Spotify, surpassing the 50 billion streaming service milestone. The Toronto-based hip-hop artist became the first musician in Spotify history to achieve this. Experts from the ChartMasters website have confirmed this information. They calculated: the rapper has only 35.7 billion listens to songs of his authorship and another 14.3 billion – the tracks of other artists in the recording in which he took part.

Author: Sam Smith
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