Apple patented AI-based GPS data correction system

Apple has patented an AI-based GPS data correction system. This was written by VentureBeat with reference to a statement by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Many navigation systems, including GPS, use satellite data to determine the coordinates of various devices. At the same time, due to the distance between the satellites and users, there is a slight delay, and this geo-location may be transmitted with an error.

Scheme of the new Apple system

At the same time, commercial companies usually use coordinate data from several satellites in real time. Apple offers the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to obtain intermediate data about the user’s location and predict travel routes.

In addition, machine learning will allow you to take into account various distorting satellite data, such as buildings or rocks. Apple also suggests passing machine learning data through a Kalman linear-quadratic evaluation filter to get the most accurate location information.

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